“Water is the driving force of all nature” – Leonardo Da Vinci

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Also known as Secure Waters, our mission is to educate the end consumer about the many possibilities of clean water.

We provide bias-free reviews for a wide variety of water filtration systems that can considerably improve people’s health conditions. Our team consists of professionals in the fields of water services, utilities, sewage treatment, sanitation, and plumbing.

The mission of Secure Aqua is to spread awareness about the many possibilities to improve water. Not just drinking water, but also the water we use in our homes and offices on daily basis.

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Is Reverse Osmosis Water Safe for Drinking

Most of us will not think twice about drinking the water coming out of our taps. We simply turn the tap, drink and get on with our activities. But truth be told, the water coming from our taps may not be as safe many of us assume.Even water coming...

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Best Whole House Water Filter

A whole house filter system, also known as a point of entry filter, is there to cleanse the life-giving element that’s keeping your family healthy, warm and clean. Water.Yes, they’re not cheap and they do come with a lot of new terms to learn – water filter...

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Sediment Filter For Well

Sediment filters for wells are designed to get rid of suspended solids in your water, also known as particulate or turbidity. Essentially, a sediment filter functions in a similar manner to a net that catches any unwanted particles in the water as...

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What Is Reverse Osmosis

The water demand of a swelling population and the resultant pollution has made water safety a key environmental issue for this generation and possibly the coming ones. Water treatment systems are now adopting reverse osmosis towards addressing some...

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History Of The Water Filter

Historians believe people began using some form of water filters over 4000 years ago! Water filters can be traced to the earliest human civilizations when written records began. Throughout history, people have always tried to improve the aesthetics...

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WaterBoss 900 Problems

The WaterBoss 900 is a large capability water softener that works by eliminating dissolved calcium in your water as well as magnesium. Although the system requires little maintenance, you may still encounter a few problems. The common ones...

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