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Above all, at Secure Aqua we are ambassadors for clean water. We are dedicated to helping solve the world water crisis not by doing complicated research (we live this part to scientists), but by spreading the word through our media channels.

Water is by far the most important substance when it comes to sustaining life. This is why whenever we (humanity) discover a new planet, we get so excited if there are even the smallest traces of water.

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Meet the team behind Secure Aqua, also known as Secure Waters!

Jessica (Jess) is our front end researcher. Meaning, she is usually the one who gets her hands dirtier than the rest of us. Jess has a Master’s Degree in Environmental studies, so she gets to wear the smart pants and boss us around.

Jess’ dedication is unmatched and we are truly thankful to have her. She is also part of the founding trio of this website, together with Jake and Antonio (Tony).

Jess getting her hands dirty was just a figured speech. In reality, Tony is the one who usually is knees deep in the dirt, plumbing away! Antonio is a plumber by day and blogger by night. He and I (Jake) are responsible for most of the content that goes live on secureaqua.com.

Jake is the last, but not the least of the magical trio. He is responsible for the technical stuff related to the blog. He handles the hosting, domain renewals, on page and HTML tweak. In other words, all the super-hero geeky type of work.

We are very grateful if you landed on our website and liked our content. Always feel free to contact us with ideas, opinions, and anything else on your mind.

Jessica Demore

Jessica Demore



Jake Tohmpson

Jake Tohmpson



Antonio Fleming

Antonio Fleming

Professional Plumber