Aquasana Whole House

Aquasana whole house water filter 250x250

  • Best for: medium-large households
  • Type: salt-free
  • Capacity: 1 million gallons
  • Warranty: 10 years
  • Professional installation kit included
  • 7 GPM flow rate
  • No water waste
  • Removes 97% of chlorine


Rated 4.6 out of 5

What Is Included with The Product?

There are a lot of features to get through with this filter system (yes, it filters as well as softens the water) starting with the capacity to pull through 1 million gallons of water over 10 years – and although we can’t give you a specific grain number as Aquasana don’t provide one, these figures are quite impressive.

This isn’t a portable tank filter, it’s something that needs to be installed into your plumbing for the long term. The actual system comprises of:

  • Sediment pre-filter for rust, dirt, and silt.
  • Copper, zinc, and mineral stone tank for chlorine, minerals, bacteria, and algae.
  • Activated carbon filter for chemical compounds.

With this particular model, you get the Professional Installation kit which adds:

  • Sub-Micron-Post-Filter for sediment and particles as small as 0.35 microns.
  • Brass fittings for durability.
  • A 20-inch pre-filter, rather than the standard 10-inch.
  • Bend supports and shut off valves.

The purpose of the kit is really to make installing and maintaining the entire system a little bit easier. The filter won’t need changing quite as often and when it does require changing, you can use the shut-off valves and bend supports to divert water rather than turning your water off completely.

And, finally, there are the basic specs to talk about. The entire system, when set up, is 44 inches wide and weighs 44 pounds before any water is added – if you’re installing this bad boy, you’d better have space and pipework to support it.

That might be a lot of work for you, but the benefits of this can potentially be huge.

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What We Liked About the Product

This softener and filter make a noticeable difference in your water when it comes to taste and feel, especially in the shower. Without the extra softening tank available with other add-on kits for this model, your water isn’t going to be ultra-soft but you do know for definite that chlorine and any other chemical or metal compounds are removed.

It’s also fairly easy to change the filters once you have the system set up, so although you need to change them regularly it’s not an arduous process at all. It’s much like changing a light bulb, in fact.

We also were impressed with the sub-micron-post-filter which removes even the tiniest of sediments – it shows that Aquasana have put time and money into developing the science and tech behind their water filter. It would be impossible to detect any 0.35-micron particles while drinking water anyway. Aquasana care about your health and not just the way your water tastes.

Lastly, we really liked the idea that this system would never need back-flushing or drain at any point – saving you time, water and effort.

What Is Missing

Despite all the effort to give you the tools needed to install and maintain this system, it is NOT a job for a novice. There’s a high chance you’ll still need to call a man in to do the job. You may even need to build a small shelter in the yard for this system, it’s so big.

…and it only gets bigger. Aquasana doesn’t really sell a complete package, instead, you buy the main system and then choose an add-on package. In this model, you have the Pro Installation additions, but there’s also a softener, well filter and UV system to buy. If you want everything available, be prepared to fork out serious money.

You also need to take a look at the system every few weeks and replace the filters every 2 to 3 months. So, while you don’t waste water by back-flushing, you will go through a ton of plastic one-use filters over your 10 years. In a bid to make the system more efficient with less water waste, they’ve created an environmentally irresponsible system that produces even more plastic waste. Great job.

Although we experienced no problems with the Pro Installation model’s softener while testing, we did come across several nightmare reviews where the product has gone horribly wrong.

Problems do happen with products, even from the biggest, most relied upon companies. What matters is how the majority of their products perform and how the company responds to problems that arise. In the case of Aquasana, this is an issue. Their customer service leaves much to be desired, so if you’re unfortunate to come across problems with your Aquasana filter, you’re on your own when it comes to fixing it.

Final Thoughts

Overall, we would not recommend this softener. Without the additional Pro Installation package (which adds a filter you won’t even notice and replaces plastic parts with brass parts) the system is a bit more justified for the price… otherwise, it’s a lot of money to spend considering you need to pay extra for all the bells and whistles, plus an endless supply of filters to change every few months.

We suspect that this system will indeed last 10 years, but we ask why on earth you would want a system that stays around for that long? In the next 10 years there will undoubtedly be better inventions and systems created for water filtering – are you prepared to cash out over $1k again when your filter system becomes obsolete?

So, although we found few faults with the water filtration system, the high price, lack of customer support, installation hassle and our hopes for better systems in the future have us recommending that you try other softeners first!

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