Fleck 5600SXT Overview


  • Best for: medium to large households
  • Type: Salt-based
  • Capacity: 48000 grains
  • Warranty: 5 years on the valve, 10 years on the tank
  • Minimum service flow: 12 GPM
  • Maximum flow: 28 GPM
  • Smarth SXT technology
  • Safety float feature
  • Studry fiber glass
  • Bypass valve


Rated 4.4 out of 5

Fleck offers its customers a high-quality water softening system; the Fleck 5600 SXT 48,000 Grain system which is one of a kind in its category and perfect for medium-large households.

This unit is suitable for homes with 3-6 standard washrooms and easily adds value to your money due to its ability to function efficiently with minimal maintenance requirement, a total catch!

Below we have made it easier for you to decide if the system suits your preferences.

Fleck 5600SXT Specification

  • Appropriate for medium to large households: once installed, the system takes up to 3 ft. x 18 inches.
  • Fleck 5600 Metered Digital Control Valve made in the United States and facilitates easy programming.
  • Resin tank: contains 5 Cu. Ft. of high volume resin of 8% Crosslink.
  • Brine tank: customizable with a salt grid and safety overflow float.
  • High-quality salt based system: requires regeneration.
  • Model capacity: 48000-grain softener.
  • Product Warranty: 5 years offer on the control valve and a 10-year offer on the tanks.
  • Flow rate service: Minimum service flow of 12 GPM and maximum flow rate of up to 28 GPM, recommended backwash rate of 2.0 GPM and a pressure drop range of 15 PSI.
  • Structure: overall dimension of 10 x 54” black tank and 14 x 34” brine tank.
  • Standard electricity requirement: 120 V /60 Hz.
  • Material: 100% plastic-poly glass
The system unit parts’ are assembled before shipping with an inclusive of the following (which you need to plug into the system during installation).


  • 1             Fleck 5600‐ SXT with a backwash control valve and bypass valve.
  • 1             Pipe connector kit-1”or ¾”
  • 1             Black brine tank
  • 1             Media funnel
  • 1            10” x 54” filter tank with distributor tube.
  • 1             1 cubic foot box of resin softening media.
  • 1             ½ cubic foot box of resin softening media.

Fine Mesh Resin Softeners comes with a gravel box.

Fleck 5600SXT system reviewed

Product Description

  • High-quality control valve design: coated with Teflon, this piston has seals, spacers, and a hydraulic balance that elevates the Fleck 5600 as an A-list water softener due to its ability to control regeneration and service flow, thus, ensuring the durability of the system without a glitch.
  • Standard customized program: a DIY system with fully programmable cycles. This allows you to program the system to regenerate. Ensures that soft water is within reach anytime you need it.
  • The SXT controller: This smart controller has an LCD display touch screen that makes it easier for you to control the system by use of a touchpad, easy to use interface and a 48-hour internal power back up.
  • Very high capacity softening system: It has an aptitude of sifting 48000-grain impurities per gallon of water and can effectively purify twelve gallons of very hard water in sixty seconds. In addition, the brine tank has the ability to hold up to 250 pounds of salt in the form of pellets.
  • Bypass valve: an inclusive part of the system that allows inflow of water during regeneration.
  • Safety float: prevents the system’s drain from overfilling and maintains convenient water overflow in order to ensure that there is no spillage.
  • 100 % poly-glass tank: for easy maintenance and durability.

Support & Warranty

Thriving in the market for more than 50 years, the fleck company attributes their success with excellent customer support services. If you purchase this item from Fleck, the expected shipping time is within 3-5 business days and varies depending on your location. Shipping costs depend on your location too. Free shipping services are within the United States of America to your doorstep.

Choosing to buy products from respected and reliable brands determine the type of warrant offer you get. This system is a Fleck brand with an offer of a 5-year warranty for the control valve and a 10-year warranty on tanks. As much as this offer is very tempting, it is a sure way of guaranteeing customers quality and security for their coin. Based on the warrant terms and conditions, they offer customers repair and product replacement services.

What We Liked About Fleck 5600SXT

  • Easily accessible spare parts– in case of damage, you can acquire major replacement parts from the fleck official website and from Amazon retailers. In addition, you can purchase interchangeable parts from different water softener companies.
  • Affordability– with this unit, you do not have to sweat your pockets. With basic knowledge and user manual, this DIY unit saves you installation costs and gives value to your money by providing quality long-term service. The catch here is that you do not have to buy a bypass valve if you already own one. If you are looking for something a bit more affordable, check out our complete buying guide for water softeners.
  • Eco-friendly– this is a high-quality salt-based system designed to consume very low power and small salt quantities, which is not harmful to the environment.
  • Foolproof– this right here is a piece of cake. It boasts a full set of automated processes and allows you to easily control and program the unit by the use of a push button on a digital display. The meter regeneration ensures you save your money on running costs as it regenerates water based on your level of usage.
  • Out-of-this-world customer services- The Fleck Company offers reliable, timely, friendly and around the clock customer services. They are always proficient and provide immediate feedback and solutions to arising problems.
  • Warrant– this product comes with a risk-free warrant of up to 5 years on control valve and 10 years on tanks. This means that you can comfortably use the unit without constantly checking out your pockets on a new unit purchase. The guarantee is right here.


What We Didn’t Like

Heavy duty– it requires workforce to lift and carry. In fact, its shipping is at 100lbs.

Salt pellets– incorrect salt pellet usage can incur huge running costs.

Not suitable for small households- its design is tailor-made to favor medium to large household. A small household with insufficient storage space makes it a liability since plumbing and installation can become an issue.

Durability- despite the products high-quality design and a long-term duration guarantee, some of its smaller parts made in plastic are subject to wear and tear and require constant maintenance and replacement.

Installation- without basic knowledge or experience, this can be very complicated. However, installation videos always come in handy.

Sodium- it uses sodium in replacing hard water minerals. However, sodium is not a healthy option as well for people on a low salt diet.


What is missing from Fleck 5600SXT?

This is a crème de la crème crowned product of the fleck series, but despite the fascinating features and advantages, the product is subject to a few drawbacks such as:

  • Tank in service– this is a twin tank upgrade only.
  • Backwash capacity: limited to 12” diameter tanks for water softening and 10”- diameter tanks for water filtration.
  • Lack of an in-depth manual: one cannot fully depend on the manual for installation. If you decide to forego professional installation services, it is advisable to check out YouTube installation videos.
  • A few missing parts: during installation, you might need to purchase two or more plastic lines to get the system to work. Always opt for quality material to avoid leakages.


Most parts of the Fleck 5600 SXT come assembled and some sellers put the resin beads for you. However, you have to install it and do some adjustment to some parts. This takes up an hour or more depending on the experience and knowledge of the product.

The product packaging comes with a user manual intended to guide you through although you might require video tutorials to make it easier. It is important to avoid mistakes during installation since a single glitch can lead to significant damages. If possible, seek assistance from a qualified plumber.

Note that behind the control head, bypass valve and pipe connections can take up a foot room and more space when you add the tank. Always make sure there is sufficient storage space to allow easy installation. Also, during bead installation, avoid pushing the funnel out of resin tank to prevent the beads from scattering all over the floor.


This unit might be an interesting candidate, although your pockets might disagree. However, you should be wary of the version you invest in. The Fleck 5600 SXT presents itself in two different versions. The regular version and upgrade version.

The upgraded version is practically not worth the premium price. Yes, the benefits are there but are of little or no significance. In fact, there are models with the same features at a lower cost although this totally depends on your specifications and preferences. Old is gold, save your coin.

Research pinpoints the probability of the smart controller failing to meet its user’s expectation.  This is because of constant reports on its inefficiency in water softener systems, and hence the Fleck Company allows a 5-year warranty on the product, but they are still confident about its performance.

Note that the package has only one plastic line and you need three to make the unit functional. In addition, users on a low sodium diet can opt to use potassium, which is healthier.

In conclusion, if you have a small household, you might want to reconsider other options because this is a total overkill when it comes to limited space. However, medium to large households can invest in the techy system that comes with times cycles, exchange of ions processes and much more.

This high-quality system has a tailored design specifically for medium-large households dealing with minimum to very hard water and maintains a constant flow of clean grade water 24/7.

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