Fleck 7000 SXT Preview


  • Best for: large households
  • Type: Salt-based
  • Capacity: 48000 grains
  • Warranty: 5 years
  • Maximum flow: 18.5 GPM
  • Smarth technology
  • Safety float feature
  • Studry fiber glass
  • Bypass valve


Rated 4.4 out of 5

If you spend most of your time behind closed doors trying to achieve a sparkle or dazzle in your household without results, well, the problem may be entirely on the type of water you use. Hard water makes cleaning difficult as spots and streaks are left.

However, it is possible to process hard water ions into soft ions with the help of water softener systems such as the Fleck 7000-metered 48 000-grain capacity, which is a high volume water softener system, designed to process gallon after gallon of hard water into soft water.

If you have a large household, small office building or factory, it is important to get hold of the Fleck 7000, which is bigger and innovatively designed to allow you to enjoy grade water from every facet of your household. In addition, you can check our extensive water softeners guide.

Fleck 7000 Product Description

  • Suitable for large households and light commercial buildings due to its 1” to 1.5” plumbing water supply pipes system.
  • Fleck 7000 Metered Digital Control Valve that facilitates flexibility in programming.
  • Resin tank available in Tan or Blue color
  • High-quality salt based system excellent for extremely hard water, and situations where there is a high water usage level.
  • Model capacity: 48000-grain softener.
  • Product Warranty– offered up to 5 years on the brine tank and control valve. In addition to 10 years, in resin tanks warrant.
  • About 1″ or 1.25″ Noryl Plastic of water supply connection.
  • Has a Maximum Service Flow of 5 GPM, with a minimum recommended Backwash Rate of about 2.5 GPM and the Pressure Drop range of 13 PSI.
  • Approximately 120v/60Hz electrical power requirement.

All units come fully assembled and ready for you to plug in. However, it is important to counter check if anything is missing and the following is your guide:


  • 1 Fleck 7000-SXT backwash control valve & bypass valve in plastic or brass.
  • 1 Pipe connecting kit(1-3/4)
  • 1 filter tank with a distributor tube(10 x 54)
  • 1 Media funnel.
  • 1 cubic foot box (softening media)
  • 1 cubic foot box of resin(1/2)
  • 1 black brine tank(18 x 33)
  • Some extra clips, red in color and a pipe connector kit, which consist of resin tank, brine tank, softening resin and an easy to use digital control for easy control and owners’ manual.


Product Specifications

  • Standard upgrade design – made of two-tank configuration with a separate brine tank and a standard turbulator to reduce the amount of iron passage. This keeps the resin tank sparkling for a long time.
  • Bypass valve – This inclusive by-pass valve allows you to stop the system that allows inflow of water by simply turning a knob.
  • Very high capacity softening system– The 48000 grain implies that you can actually convert high quantity level of hard water to soft water.
  • Smart technology– a unique internal capacitor that prevents the system from reprogramming or time resetting even when there is a power shortage for 48 hours.
  • Integral microprocessor-based control– a standard non-volatile that safeguards your system’s memory from losing information and allows you to set the cycle by measuring levels of water consumption intake, and restart only when required hence you will end up consuming less salt and save up some cash!
  • Sturdy fiberglass– This tough as old boots system has a noncorrosive resin tank reinforced with fiber and poly lined to prevent leakages.
  • Safety float– prevents water overflow.

Support & Warranty

The Fleck Company offers a 24\7 lifelong support. There is always someone to answer the phone if you are in need of more reliable and candid help. In addition, free shipping services are offered within the United States; where they deliver this beast at your doorstep at a free charge and no dilly-dally.

The products’ manufacturer warrant only applies when your Fleck 7000 is set and installation is done in a professional manner. Failure to do so may lead to dismissal of your warrant. The products’ units have a warrant against material and any manufacturing defects caused by the manufacturers only. This is subject to manufacturer’s Warranty Conditions.


What We Liked About Fleck 7000 SXT

The smart processor makes using it easy as pie– Its set techy processing system ensures your system is optimally running 24/7. This is because it reads the usage levels and allows you to adjust as you deem fit.

High levels of efficiency– This being a smart processor, makes operation very efficient allowing you to minimize salt and water usage.

Has a high capacity system– 4800-grain capacity indicates that this is a large system, tailored to cater for high-level usage; hence it has the ability to handle and control vast amounts of hard water weekly.

Bypass valve – comes in handy when you want to halt the system temporarily in the blink of an eye through the flick of a switch

Heartwarming customer support – when around the clock customer support is at the palm of your hands, you are sure never to feel left out in the cold.

Easy servicing- the model is structured with interconnecting valve clips and other tailored body parts that make it easier for you to service and install it.

Eco-friendly- less brine and salt usage, and prevents water from overflowing unnecessarily.


What We Didn’t Like

Hefty system– Before you settle on this particular system, you need to review your options. Do you really need such a large system? This should prompt you to first check out a water softener calculator, to determine which size suits you best to avoid incurring huge running costs.

Space- Spacing can turn out to be a sweat cracking issue when it comes to installing this system. It takes up roughly 1” to 1.5” ft. plumbing dimensions. Before making your mind up to purchase it, ensure there is ample space to accommodate it and additional for salt change and access for maintenance. It is a total overload especially if your house has limited space.

Cumbersome lifting – Manpower should be your first concern when installing the system, during maintenance or when changing salt. This is because salt comes in hundred pound bags and sometimes clumps something that adds the icing to the situation since it makes lifting twice heavy.

Cost- We are talking about over the top softener system. This implies that you have to dig deeper into your pockets or discipline your spending habits.


What is missing from Fleck 7000 SXT?

As much as this is a top grade system, it lacks some upgrade. For instance:

  • Tank jacket– this reduces the rate of tank sweating and keeps the resin tank looking new.
  • Brine tank upgrade– this is the increase of brine tanks capacity for it to hold 100Lbs more of salt.
  • Fine mesh resin– its main function is to reduce fouling and make the system more efficient.
  • Crosslink resin of approximately 10%- this increases efficiency and reduce degradation of resin when exposed to chlorinated or non-chlorinated waters.


Although the systems’ packing includes a DIY manual, it is important to understand that installation might not be a walk in the park and hence it is crucial to seek assistance from a professional, preferably from the company. This is because in case of breakage or malfunction during self-installation may lead to rejection of your warrant by the company.

In addition, the system is quite heavy and lifting it can prove to be tough as nail. In the event you decide to request assistance, it is important to seek professional help because basic knowledge about the system comes in handy during installation.

Basic knowledge about the product allows for easy and effortless installation without glitch or scratch. In addition, you can check out their YouTube installation videos, which will make installation easier.

Final Verdict

This Fleck 7000 metered 48000-grain model water softener system is unique from other products due to its efficiency in handling medium and very high capacities of water usage and reduces water and salt usage efficiently. If you are dealing with large volumes of extremely hard water you need to include this in your bucket list. This system is also convenient for light commercial and small office buildings.

However, if you have a medium or smaller household, it is good to revisit your options and settle for a smaller system, or even salt-free based system especially if your tap does not have awfully hard water running through it. Ideally, you might want to cut costs and avoid being in a tight spot when it comes to storage, space, and accessibility.

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