Fleck Iron Pro 2 Overview

Fleck Iron Pro 2

  • This is a salt based water softener
  • Ideal for 1” or 1.5” plumbing pipes
  • Bypass valve and a double backwash feature
  • Connect clips for effortless maintenance
  • handles high flow without losing pressure
  • Best for larger households and small offices
  • It can treat 64 000 gallons of water
  • Manage various levels of softness


Rated 4.5 out of 5

Picking the correct size water softener is so important, isn’t it? If you pick one just slightly too small or low in the capacity you’ll run out of the softened water all the time.

We researched the Fleck Iron Pro 2 model which claims to be the water softening solution for bigger households and even small commercial buildings. Is this what you need if the smaller softeners simply don’t suffice? Let’s find out.

What is Included With the Fleck Iron Pro 2?

In the Box

This is a sturdy unit made of fiberglass. You get:

  • The filter tank
  • The brine tank
  • A metered digital control valve
  • Connecting kit
  • Box of resin

You get a five-year warranty on the valve and 10 years on the tank. The brand provides clear instructions. Don’t ignore the manual because without it you’ll find it difficult to install. Installation can take a few hours but is mostly effortless as long as you have the right tools.

Iron Pro 2 Specs

  • Capacity: Can soften 64 000 gallons
  • Weight: 119lb
  • Dimensions (Mineral tank): 14”x 21”
  • Maximum flow rate: 16 GPM and even 18GPM (The recommended rate is 13GPM)

What We Liked About Fleck Iron Pro 2

The efficacy of salt based systems has much to do with how effective your maintenance is. A salt-based water softener requires regeneration so it works optimally again. The Iron Pro 2 system has a nifty double backwash feature:

  • One backwash is slow
  • The second one happens rapidly

This combination of processes makes the regeneration much more effective so your water will be as soft as possible each time you’ve done your maintenance. The regeneration process is also made easier for the consumer because of the connect clips on the valve body.

The brand’s customer service is quite impressive with many consumers noting the employees’ willingness to offer advice and assistance. The support line is even accessible 24/7 and the brand is even willing to provide replacement parts for free under certain circumstances.

The system uses technology to your benefit and limits wastage. The Smart technology used in the valve design ensures it only runs according to the amount of water you use so you save on both salt, water and running costs.

The Iron Pro even monitors your usage on its own so you don’t have to adjust settings although you can change its operation if you wish. It will find the most dynamic settings and make adjustments during the day as your water usage changes.

The design is quite sturdy so your new water softener will serve you for a long time. The digital interface is user-friendly so consumers quickly get used to managing their systems.

What is Missing From the Fleck Iron Pro 2?

It can be challenging to find the ideal spot to install this, especially if you don’t have space indoors. This can’t be placed in direct sunlight because it will quickly show UV damage. However, you can’t place it where it will be exposed to too low temperatures either. The lowest this unit can handle is 34°F.

In addition, you can never install this after the heating device in your water infrastructure. It can only handle temperatures up to 110°F.

This is quite a heavy unit. This, unfortunately, makes it more difficult to install as you’ll probably need assistance if you’re doing this yourself. It also determines where you can install it because it will place a lot of pressure on the surface it rests on.

It’s also quite large which limits your options of where it will fit. This could mean you’ll have to place it in plain sight which can ruin the aesthetics of your home. Remember you need space for the unit but also with additional space so you can add salt and service the unit once in a while.

While maintenance is made easier through the unit’s design and backwash options, you still need to top up the salt. This comes in large quantities and the bags are difficult to lift so you’ll need help when it’s time for a regeneration process.

This is quite an expensive unit when compared to others. This also makes it a more sensible option for use in larger setups rather than for small homes. Luckily you do get excellent quality parts for the price.

Final Thoughts

Take note that this is a dynamic option for larger homes but not the solution for your small family. If you use this in compact homes you’ll waste space and power.

For larger buildings with multiple bathrooms–even some commercial sites–, this is an ideal size that will easily provide for your needs. This is a bit difficult to find space for and install because it’s so large & heavy, but in the end, it’s worth the effort.

The initial capital investment is also higher than with some other water softeners but because this manages your usage so effectively you may make up this money over time with no effort from your side. The Fleck Iron Pro 2 design is another winner in the brand’s range.

Voted One Of The Best Salt-Based Systems On The Market

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