sediment filter for well

Sediment filters for wells are designed to get rid of suspended solids in your water, also known as particulate or turbidity. Essentially, a sediment filter functions in a similar manner to a net that catches any unwanted particles in the water as it flows through your pumping system. 

A sediment filter is typically attached to the piping at the location where water from the well enters your home.  The filter is designed with a bed of natural or artificial media such as sand or anthracite.  The water flows into the filter and as it leaves, the sediment is left behind.

Choosing Sediment Filter For Your Home

choosing sediment filter

Finding the best filtration system for your well is not an easy feat. However, it is definitely something that you need to undertake if your water is not being sourced from a municipal source but from a private well. It’s also important if you have some concerns about the purity of the water coming into your home.

Since each domestic situation is different, the size, style, and micron rating needed will vary. The following are the leading sediment filters for well water.

Centrifugal Sand Separators

centrifugal sand separator

The working of the sand separator water filter is based on the centrifugal force principle. It removes over 98% of all particles that measure 200 mesh size or 74 microns and anything greater. You can then flush out the sand accumulation manually by opening the ball valve located at the separator’s bottom. You can also periodically flush automatically by the auto flush valve.

The periodic purging gives the best outcomes when you do it as the water is flowing. This is a cost-effective system as it has no moving parts that are likely to wear out, has no cones, screens, cartridges, or filter elements that you will need to replace or clean.

Micron-Rated Sediment Filters

These micron-rated sediment filter cartridges are designed to strain out all particles as per a specific micron dimension. Well water filters for home use that take out particles and sediments 5 microns in size take out 99% of all the particles you will typically in most well-sourced waters.

In some cases, you may require a 1 micron rated filter, or even an ultra-filter system designed to filters to less than 0.1 microns depending on the quality of your well water. The basic principle is that the lower your micron rating, the more particles your filter will catch. However, that also means that your filter plugs up more quickly.

Spindown Filter Screens

spindown filter screen

These type of filters utilize a screen that filters out and traps coarse sediment and sand. It will need to be opened periodically and flush the filter manually so as to remove any accumulated sand or other sediments. The spindown filter screens are durable and usually don’t need to be cleaned or removed. Only flushing is required by opening the valve at the bottom.

Others that are also available in the market include:

  • Cartridge filter systems
  • Backwashing media filters
  • Ultra-Filtra membrane systems.

The life of well water filter varies according to the condition of the water being filtered as well as the volume of water being processed.