Water Boss Overview


  • Uses the ion exchange method
  • Can work for a maximum of 70 gpg rated hard water
  • Regeneration is needed after 22 000 grains of hardness are trapped
  • It’s a single canister design
  • An electronic control system helps you manage cycles and regeneration
  • Designed for residential use
  • Also filters dirt, clear water iron, and sediment


Rated 4.2 out of 5

Thanks to tech advances and everything getting smaller these days we can always expect new & unique designs. It’s no different in the water softener industry and below we’ll discuss a very unique piece of equipment called the WaterBoss 700.

The 22 000 grain capacity water softener is designed to counter many problems that come with hard water. But is it the one worth investing in for your premises? Let’s find out.

Water Boss Specifications

  • Capacity (salt): 120lb
  • 22 000 grain unit
  • Weight: 88lb
  • Dimensions:5”x 19.5”x 26.8”
  • Power source: Requires AC electrical power
  • Flow rate: 12 GPM

What is Included With Water Boss?

In the Box

This water softener system requires less space than some other models because everything is built into one container.

What you get:

  • Most parts and valves supplied
  • Installation kit
  • Installation DVD
  • Water softener with:
    • Bypass attached
    • Built-in sediment filter
    • Controller
    • The salt reservoir already contains the softener media tank

There are different warranties for different components:

  • The parts carry a 3-year warranty
  • Tanks and valves have 10-year warrantees

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What We Liked About Water Boss

One thing that places this in a different league to many others is its maintenance feature. Salt-based water softeners require regeneration from time to time which can be time-consuming and bothersome. But this design makes it so easy. Firstly the dirt filter is built in instead of being a separate unit. This makes for easier cleaning.

When it’s time for a clean the system needs to:

  • Purge the trapped calcium and magnesium flakes
  • Flush out sediment

This design allows you to set a time window when this needs to happen. You can initiate directly or the machine will pick a time, ensuring it doesn’t happen while people are using water. That’s a lot less effort than many other models require.

The timeline for cleaning is also impressive as it takes less than 20 minutes. One last thing about this feature: It takes 2.5lb of salt and a maximum of 15 gallons of water so regenerating your system won’t add much to your utility costs.

It not only has instructions but an installation DVD. That makes installation a possibly easy DIY project. But what’s most impressive is that the manufacturer already installed the bypass. That’s one less task for you and you’re guaranteed that this important feature will work the day you need it.

Of course, you want a steady flow of water and with the 15GPM flow rate at 15 psi drop, there will only be minimal pressure drops in the water running to your appliances & even your showers.

It’s a home friendly system which won’t make much noise, unlike some larger systems. It’s also a user-friendly system since the interface on the LCD screen is reasonably easy to understand, use and get your system going.

Overall the system is compact. This makes it easier to install it where it will have the best effect on your water. Even if you have to install it in plain sight it won’t matter because the exterior looks neat and stylish.

The size can be a good or a bad thing. It’s perfect for small households so you don’t have to waste money on a large system. However, if you have a large family—five or more—you’ll see it doesn’t produce soft water fast enough.

What is Missing?

It would be great if manufacturers can bring down the cost of owning a salt based system. The resin you need for regeneration is usually expensive and it’s the same for this model.

WaterBoss gives warrantees but they’re definitely not the best in the business. Electronic parts are supposed to be trustworthy for at least five years so hopefully, the brand can revise this in future.

As mentioned it’s not ideal for large households. The problem here is that you can easily damage your system over time when you put it under too much stress. Taking a chance on a system you know may be just too small won’t necessarily save you money because you’ll most probably replace parts quite soon. You won’t notice damage immediately since you don’t check it every day but one day it may simply give out on you.

It’s heavier than some other systems so you’ll probably need help when installing it.

Of course, you may need assistance from the brand too. There is technical support available if you’re willing to take the time to call them. They don’t have an online chat system and the agents aren’t the most skilled or friendly.

Final Thoughts

If you have a small family this is definitely a worthwhile option to consider because we know homeowners rate user-friendliness and low maintenance products very high. It’s not the best quality available but it has many of the other important features today’s consumer needs such as being compact. When you add those features together it makes for a wise investment.

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Voted 4.2 out of 5

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